What is a Bitcoin-Address?

Wallets can be generated at no cost. There are many providers or solutions out there. A Bitcoin address is an identifier of 26-35 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 or 3. If you don't have one yet, there are guides on the internet how to create and set up your first Bitcoin wallet. You can create a wallet here:
- https://electrum.org/#home

If you prefer a hardware wallet:
- https://www.ledgerwallet.com/

If you prefer a mobile solution for your smartphone:
- Bread Wallet (iPhone)
- Mycelium (Android)

Very important: Before choosing a wallet, please do your own resarch as we can not take any responsibility for external providers.

Your account is only used for these purposes. We do not keep or manage any Bitcoin wallets and/or CHF/Euro deposits.

Manage your Account

Forgotten your Account? You can request for an email with the Account info of all your active Accounts: Request Account Info

You can add new Bitcoin wallet addresses by creating Additional Accounts using the same details and trust level of an exisiting account: Additional Account